Benefits of MSM in Dog Hips & Joints

Why MSM?

DOG CALM Fights Arthritis and Joint Ailments

DOG CALM Fights Arthritis and Joint Ailments

MSM is the abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane. This is a special compound that belongs to a group of organic sulfurs (sulfones). You can find MSM naturally in a range of vegetables and animal products. Cow’s milk has an especially high concentration of MSM.

More recently, MSM has been incorporated into dietary supplements to help people and pets with joint problems. It’s especially common in osteoarthritis supplements. The role of MSM in the cartilage is to provide sulfur to help repair any damage caused by destructive enzymes. MSM also assists in reducing inflammation during the healing process.

The role MSM plays in supporting cartilage makes it a valuable compound for fighting symptoms of arthritis and other joint ailments. MSM can also reduce muscle pains associated with strains and other injuries. Although most dogs receive MSM in their diet, boosting its concentration in the form of dietary supplements can be very beneficial for joint health.

A good supply of MSM can help to repair connective tissue and strengthen existing cartilage. This can assist with preventing the further breakdown of joint tissues. Although prescription medications can treat joint pain, they don’t contribute to the healing processes, which is why MSM supplementation is an excellent option. MSM both reduces discomfort and helps to protect the joints. Also, this natural compound won’t damage liver or kidney function, which is a common side effect of prolonged use of anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications.

The Benefits of MSM

Most supplements uses a combination of MSM, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine. These are all natural compounds found in the cartilage of mammals. They complement each other and provide a strong defense against joint degradation. Taken regularly, this supplement can help your dog stay in top physical condition.

Being able to run, jump and bound all over the place is something that dogs naturally want to do. They are full of life and energy. Anyone that has owned a dog exposed to hip dysplasia or other debilitating joint conditions will appreciate how distressing this is. No one wants to see their family members suffer.

Supplementation gives dog owners an opportunity to help reduce discomfort naturally, without adverse reactions or other negative side effects. With both preventative and remedial benefits, this supplement can slow the onset of joint problems and reduce the progression of degenerative cartilage breakdown. Inflammation and pain will subside for dogs already experiencing joint aliments. This helps to reinstate mobility and gives your dog a newly found sense of youth and vitality, something that we can all appreciate as we get older!