DOG CALM Relaxes Your Dog During Fireworks

DOG CALM Sooths Dogs in Fireworks

The spectacular of fireworks may be appealing to us, but for many pets it’s nothing short of a nightmare! It’s

DOG CALM Relaxes Your Dog During Fireworks

DOG CALM Relaxes Your Dog During Fireworks

very common for dogs to be spooked by fireworks and they can become very anxious as a result. However, the good news is there are certain measures you can take to reduce this anxiety and help to make your dog calmer so they can get through firework festivities.

Most firework displays are scheduled for specific events, such as 4th of July and New Years Eve celebrations. There may also be regional celebrations that use fireworks. In any case, these events are generally widely publicized and you should have plenty of warning before the celebration takes place.

Ways to Help Your Dog Relax During Fireworks

One way you can help your dog get through firework displays is to help them become desensitized to the sounds associated with pyrotechnics. If you can, access a recording of fireworks and play this at low volume several times over the course of a day. You can slowly raise the volume, but still ensure that your dog is comfortable. During these desensitizing sessions it’s a good idea to spend a little extra time with your dog and give them a few extra treats. You can continue to repeat this process until you reach a stage where high volume firework sound effects no longer bother your dog (and hopefully not your neighbor either!).

Of course there may be times where fireworks are going to be used without your knowledge. This doesn’t leave you the necessary time to prepare. However, you can still help to comfort your dog by not reacting yourself. If you suddenly go into over-comforting mode, you’re suggesting to your dog that there is a problem and that they have something to be fearful of. Instead, try to distract them or down-out the sounds by raising the volume on the TV and moving into a more sound-proof room.

Relieve Tension, Anxiety and Relax Your Dog with DOG CALM

Unfortunately, there are some dogs that simply won’t respond as well as we would like to these desensitizing approaches. In these cases, it’s much better to use a relaxant that helps to relieve the tension and anxiety. Vets Pride USA DOG CALM is a great option because it’s based on natural ingredients including plant extracts, minerals and amino acids. The formula is designed to help the muscles relax and lower the level of stress hormones (cortisol) in favor of producing “feel good” hormones (serotonin).

The dog calming effects of this dietary supplement are natural physiological responses, so you can be confident that your dog is going to be feeling more relaxed and less anxious without adverse reactions. Having DOG CALM on hand in the event of a fireworks display or any other situation which causes distress can significantly alleviate pet anxiety.