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DOG CALM Relaxes Your Dog During Fireworks

DOG CALM Sooths Dogs in Fireworks

The spectacular of fireworks may be appealing to us, but for many pets it’s nothing short of a nightmare! It’s very common for dogs to be spooked by fireworks and they can become very anxious as a result. However, the good news is there are certain measures you can take to reduce this anxiety and…

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Calm Fearful Dogs in Thunderstorms

Why are Dogs Fearful of Thunderstorms? An abnormal fear of thunderstorms is called astraphobia. People with this condition will feel very anxious and may exhibit symptoms such as trembling, sweating, nausea, and crying (among others) during a thunderstorm. A 2007 study by Dennis Coon and John Mitterer found that astraphobia is the third most common…

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DOG CALM Helps Separation Anxiety

School holidays are always full of chaos in my house. The kids rapidly re-charge their batteries and quickly start causing mayhem. Although we try to get away for vacations, most of the time we stay at home. While sometimes I wish that the school holidays weren’t as long (especially with the onset of sibling bickering),…

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